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Sweep Picking Series 3: Basic Applications

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This is the first variation we will try with our sweep picking technique.

We are still using the four string root position chord shape in four different places to achieve four different chords that will form a basic, common chord progression.

  • C major (I) for 2 measures
  • A minor (vi) for 2 measures
  • F major (IV) for 2 measures
  • G major (V) for 2 measures
  • Repeat

    We will sweep each chord twice per measure. Both sweeps will be across the strings in the same direction, from low strings to high. Try to play each sweep so that the top note of the chord, the last note of each sweep happens on the downbeat of 1 (first beat of each measure) and then the upbeat of 2 (second beat of each measure).

    This will give us practice at placing the sweep in different places rhythmically within a measure of music. Also it creates a really nifty sound, similiar to a late 50s, early 60s type of pop music, "Doo Wop" rhythm. You don't have to play the chords that way. Feel free to try and apply this technique in many other musical situations and genres. It is a technique frequently used in pop, country, blues, jazz, you name it!

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