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Chorus: Open Your Chords


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So there are two layers of guitar to really hold it down in the chorus. To really help open the chorus one guitar plays open chords:

G no 3rd
D no 3rd

The other guitar plays the barre chord version of these chords, with some cool fuzz tone on it.

Really cool way to blend the guitars! Be sure to be tight otherwise it just sounds messy.

The actual rhythm is really interesting, the switch from the G and the D chord happens on the e of 3, after you play a rhythmic phrase with all the strings muted.

Now the switch from A to C lands on the AND of 3, which is just a 16th notes difference but presents a much more straight feel next to the earlier one that was syncopated.

Be sure to keep your right hand steady with 16th notes to maintain the feel of the chorus and to get the pick scratching tight, part of the riff.

All these little things combined makes for a lot of interesting nuances and differences even though your playing the same chords still.

Listen to how the rhythm pattern of the guitars turn the same progression into a heavy riff instead of the melancholy strum that happens in the verse, a really cool way to add another "hook" or recognizable part to the song.

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