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The chord structure of the chorus makes use of suspended chords in much the same way that the verse riff did. In this case the chord progression goes C major, C sus4, C Major; then F major, F sus4, F major, then back again.

This is accomplished by doing the sixth string barre chord at the eight fret for the C major chord, and then the sus4 is made by barring the third finger down at the tenth fret- then back to the C major. Then we switch to F major as the eighth fret fifth string barre chord and then adding the sus 4 by placing the 4th finger at the 11th fret of the second string then releasing it.

There's also an ascending first finger gliss into each of the chords. Finally the chorus turnaround is G major at the tenth fret of the fifth string, followed by C major at the eighth fret of the sixth strings and back to G.

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