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Carry Me Away: Bridge


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Swing, Swing

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The bridge of "Swing, Swing" features several different guitar tones and ideas. We are playing some heavy eighth note rhythms with breaks, some open clean chords, and more harmonies! Here are some key points to help you through one of the coolest sections of the song (and also the most challenging):

1. Both guitars play the same eight note hits during the first two bars on E minor, and D. These hits are heard on Bars 1, 2, 5 and 6.

2. On bars 3 and 4, a clean guitar comes in with a little bit of reverb and strums G to C(add2); playing each chord for one bar.

3. On bar 7, both rhythm guitars play an eighth note rhythm that crescendos into the same C(add2) to D hit that we heard in our pre-chorus lesson.

4. After bar 5, two harmonizing guitar parts come in that play harmonizing thirds down the G major scale, playing the same lick twice than letting that last chord ring over the last two bars.

5. These chords are G major (G and B), F# minor (F# and A), D major (D and F#), and E minor (E and G.)
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