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GUITAR: I'm using a Les-Paul style guitar, but any guitar with a humbucker pickup in the bridge position will work great here. Make sure your volume and tone controls are all the way up, and you are switched to the bridge pickup for maximum clarity and power.

AMP: This tune features a modern-metal distorted sound - think Mesa Boogie, Bogner, Diezel, 5150, etc here - any of those type of tube amps will give you the gain required for the guitar tone. I used a modern hi-gain model with the following settings:

CRUNCH: Modern Hi-Gain Model (Mesa, Bogner, Diezel)
Drive: 100% Bass: 40% Mid: 70% Treble: 100% Presence: 100%

A touch of reverb here is also a good idea to give the parts some space within the mix; I used 25% wet/dry.

You'll also hear a talk-box guitar tucked into the mix here in a few sections, most notably the guitar solo, and the very end of the tune. The talk-box is used in this tune only as a texture, not as a feature part - Godsmack doesn't even use the talk-box live when playing this song. Since the talk-box is a rare effect box in many people's rig arsenal, I will teach these parts using the wah-wah to approximate the sound.

If you're interested in seeing the talk-box effect in action, check out Anders Mouridsen's "Rocky Mountain Way" tutorial here on the site.