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For the rhythm guitars on this song, I recommend using a guitar with humbuckers. I'm using my Gibson 335 for the rhythm guitar parts because it sounds nice and fat, and fills out the track nicely.

For the lead guitar, I'll be using my Telecaster, since I already have that set up for slide with the extension nut giving me extra high action, and thereby making it easy to use the slide. I'm using a metal slide because I like the treble it gives me. I'll also be running all the guitars through a modeled Marshall Plexi amp to get that high gain blues sound.

But you don't have to have any specific gear to play this song. It's all in how you dial whatever gear you have, and ultimately how you play. If you don't get the high gain sound right, it will probably just sound more old school, which can be cool as well.

Then there's the talk box solo, and for that I'm using a Banshee pedal. The way it works is that it has a little amp and speaker built in to it, so when you plug into it, it sends the sound out without anything else. Then you attach the tube to the hole with the speaker, and put it next to your microphone. Then, the Talkbox sends your guitar sound through the tube, and into your mouth where you can shape it. You don't have to sing, but just make similar motions to "wa-oo-aa-oo", etc. Then the microphone picks it up, records it, or sends it out through a PA to the audience.

It's a relatively simple contraption. You can even make your own if you don't wanna invest in one! You just have to get the sound from your speaker into your mouth, and back out into a microphone.