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Not Gonna Be OK: Bridge


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Welcome To My Life

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The bridge of our song starts off with an acoustic rhythm, and than breaks into some cool twin guitar rhythms and uses of power chords. Here are some key points to help you through this nice breakdown in "Welcome to My Life":

1. The acoustic guitar plays two measures of an open D major chord, and than ends on the anticipated hit that the electrics play on D.

2. Both electrics enter on the second measure with a palm muted crescendo on beats 1-3, than play an anticipated hit on D like you hear in the choruses.

3. Both guitars play the same parts during the entire bridge, focusing on power chords and eighth note rhythms. The chord progression is:
G D / Bmi D / G A / D(add2) A II G D / Bmi D / Emi D/F# / G

4. The first three measures of each time through see's both guitars playing eighth notes on beats 1 and 3, and than an anticipated sixteenth note hit on beat 4.

5. The D(add2) and A chords are played as open arpeggios to transition into the second time through.

6. The Emi, D/F#, and G chords are playing as eighth notes similar to the way they are played in the choruses.

7. Both guitars build on the G chord to end the bridge.
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