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We'll be starting with a clean tone that has lots of attitude but it's not distorted, just a nice big clean sound with the bass set to about 6, the mids around 7, and the treble somewhere around 4. This will vary depending on what gear you're using, but start somewhere around there and find your way.

I'm playing a fender Stratocaster on the bridge pickup for the clean sound. This position is also where we'll be for the heavier distorted parts. For the distorted sound you want to dial in a lot of gain with the mids sort of scooped out just a bit, to sound different and create that huge wall of sound in the choruses.

Another crucial part in the Nirvana sound is the fact that they usually tuned down one half step: E to Eb, A to Ab, D to Db, G to Gb, B to Bb, and E to Eb.

A slight difference in tone, but a difference nonetheless.