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Out There in Space: Soundscape & Verse


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Now that you're tuned up, we can begin to learn the song. The beginning has four guitar parts that aren't too hard and the way they are layered together make them sound pretty cool!

The first guitar you hear is just the open E and A string ringing out. You can simulate the way it fades in by playing the strings with the volume knob down on the guitar and slowly turning it up until your at full volume.

The next two guitars come in at the same time. One is a dissonant lick that repeats every two measures. The next is a simple rhythmic pattern between open D string and the C note ate the 5th fret of the G string.

This is done with palm muting. Palm muting is where you rest the palm of your hand against the strings way back by the bridge. This gives the notes a staccato sound. Be sure not to rest your palm to on the strings anywhere but by the bridge, otherwise the notes won't sound properly.

The last guitar layered in the intro is a chordal part that's up at the 12th fret. You play the A and D notes together and then lower the A to an Ab and play Ab and D. Then alternate between those two chords.
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