Guitar Tricks 94: Shred Lick in A

In this channel episode Neal shows a blues rock shred lick in A that you can use to shred quickly. For beginner to intermediate players, this is a power-packed lick to add to your collection, enjoy!

The tip of the week is to write bad songs! Sometimes it's best to let your creativity flow and see what happens. It takes the pressure off of trying to write a great song every time. And all songwriters have to write a ton of bad or mediocre songs to find that one great one.

This week's lesson is how to use the pentatonic box and a few technique tricks to play a great sounding rock lick. If you like this lesson, then GT has a lot more that cover ideas on how to play rock licks using the pentatonic scale across the guitar!

Pentatonic Scales in Rock

Pentatonic Speedster

Pentatonic Minor Scale Exercises

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