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Large Progression Sweeps With Inversions


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Sweep Picking Series 6: More Advanced Applications

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In this lesson we have a large chord progression using mainly two shapes.

  • Major chord arpeggio in root position, with root note on bottom, (I) chord
  • Major chord arpeggio in first inversion, with major 3rd scale note on bottom, (V) chord

    As soon as each chord is played I move the pattern down to the next chord. In this case, A major, then E major with a G-sharp on the bottom, then that G-sharp leads to a G note which becomes the root of the next section of the progression.

    So, we wind up with a large descending chord progression.

  • A major (I)
  • E/G# major, 1st inversion (V)
  • G major (VII)
  • D/F# major, 1st inversion (V of VII)
  • F major (VI)
  • C/E major, 1st inversion (V of VI)
  • B/D# major, 1st inversion (V of V)
  • E major (V)
  • A major (I)

    Finally, at the end of this lesson I offer advice and encouragement in learning these advanced techniques.

    Hopefully these ideas will give a better understanding of sweeping technique: what it is, how to do it and how to use it. If you are interested in other lessons on sweeping, try these:

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    Sweep Picking Series 2: Expanding The Sweep

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    Sweep Picking Series 5: Advanced Applications

    Happy shred sweeping!

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