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Shine it on my Heart: Acoustic Motif


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First we are going to learn how to play the main motif of our song, which is heard as both the intro and interlude after the first chorus. Here are some key points to help you through it:

1. The chords used in this section are E, F#mi7, G6/9, and B7sus4.

2. Guitar #1 during the intro plays the main motif of the song. The beginning E chord comes in just after beat 1, while F#mi7 falls on beat 3 and G6/9 anticipates just before the next measure. The following G6/9 is played the same way, as is F#mi7 on the down beat, and the B7sus4 chord to end it is anticipated and rings for the last measure. Each chord is played with some slight embellishments using the G, B, and high E strings.

3. The interlude anticipates the chords the same way, only it's half the length and guitar #1 simply plays the chords once and lets them ring for the mentioned length. The only exception to this is the last E, which does embellish slightly with some open strings. You do not play the B7sus4 chord to end this section.

4. Guitar #2 plays some E minor pentatonic melodies using the same motif both during the intro and interlude. During the intro, it comes in the second time through the progression. During the interlude, it enters right at the top. Each time has a slightly different ending, and uses a variety of slides and open string licks.

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