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The chorus of "Change the World" features a series of cool chord changes, and has both of our guitars playing the role of rhythm and lead once again. We also have an electric in this section, which we will look at in a later lesson. The chorus is different each time it comes around in how it ends, so here are some key points to help you through all three choruses:

1. While the chord progression for all three choruses is the same, each one ends a little differently.

2. The rhythm of each chord played by guitar #1 is played using a series of quarter, eighth, and sixteenth note rhythms to work into the groove of the rhythm section. You will using a combination of "shell" voicing along with some open chords.

3. Pay attention to how some of the chords are anticipated, particularly the C#mi7 along with how each chorus ends.

4. The end of chorus 3 has a slight change, where you will play a bar of 2 before switching back to 4 to let the the Gsus2 chord ring for two measures with the mentioned lick.

5. Guitar #2 follows the usual role, playing licks between vocal phrases. During the first chorus, the licks come in after the 4th and 7th bars. During the second chorus, they come in after 4th and during the 9th bars. Lastly, over the last chorus the licks come in after the 4th and over the 7th, 9th, and 11th bars. This helps build up the ending tremendously with the rest of the band.
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