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Bring It Home: Chorus, Interlude, Outro


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Day After Day

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In this video we'll learn the acoustic chorus, piano interludes, and outro.

For the 7-measure chorus in "Day After Day" we strum a little louder and play these chords in relation to the capo: || B/F# | F# |A E/G# F#m | E B/F# | F# |A E/G# F#m ||. In concert pitch the chords are named: || C/G | G |Bb F/A Gm| F C/G | G |Bb F/A Gm ||. For the 3rd and 7th measures we want the chord changes to fall on the 'and' of beat 2 and the downbeat of 4. The fretting hand makes those changes while the strumming hand continues to crank out all the 8th notes to keep driving the groove.

In the piano interludes remember your dynamics and bring the volume down after the chorus for these sections; strum them softly. In fact the acoustic disappears completely during the 2nd piano interlude, allowing the following verse (the slide solo) to make a stronger impact. This section is where we take advantage of the capo to let some open strings ring. The third time through, the piano interlude is only 2 measures before going right into another verse.

The piano interlude is also used for the outro of the song, with the last measure from the chorus substituted for measure 4. In the original recording of the song, you'll hear a rhythmic discrepancy in the final measures. The piano and guitar switch completely into 9/8 time and end on the next downbeat. The drums and bass resolve as if the song were staying in 4/4, but they also hit the next note so the other instruments aren't left hanging alone. When playing this song with a band either resolution would be ok, but it's probably best if one beat is chosen for all to end on. In our play-along version we'll stay in 4/4.
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