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C'mon, C'mon: Main Riff


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First we are going to take a look how to play the main riff of our song. We will be doubling this part with both guitars playing the same heavy riffs and chords, and you will hear this as both the intro to our song as well as during several other parts during the song. Here are some key points to help you through it:

1. The main riff is 2 bars long, and uses the following chords:
C#5 - B5 - E5 - F#5

2. The intro is 8 bars long, and you will play the main riff four times. Each time the riff is played, you have a 2 beat break on beat 3 of the second bar. During the intro, you will play a different fill using your muted strings the first three times it breaks. Each one is slightly different, using a variety of sixteenth note hits.

3. That eight bar main hook is then played four times throughout the song, serving as the hook of the song following each verse along with the second chorus and following the bridge. You will also play it as a four bar phrase following the first chorus. The only difference between how it is played throughout the rest of the song as opposed to the intro is what you play in between the breaks.

4. On the record, what is being played is actually a sample using a whammy bar or some sort of pitch bending. An F#5 power chord is bent down to an E5 power chord really quick. To help recreate that with your guitar, each time that part comes around you will just slide down the neck of the guitar from that F#5 power chord. This happens on beat 4 at the end of every phrase of the main riff.
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