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In My Mind: Guitar 1 Bridge


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The first part of our bridge features a variety of cool effects and guitar tones. During this eight bar section, guitar #1 will switch to a slightly overdriven sound that also has some flange and an 1/8th note delay on it. Here are some key points to help you through it:

1. The chords you are playing with guitar #1 during the first part of our bridge are: C#5 - Bsus2 - C#5 - B5.

2. You will apply the same rhythm to these chords as you did during the choruses, playing the first chord until the & of 2 and then switching to the next and letting it ring for the rest of the measure.

3. The last two chords are the upper parts of other chords, which is a great arrangement trick. The C#5 is the top part of a F#sus2 chord (the fifth and second), and the B5 is the top part of an Esus2 chord (also the fifth and the second.)

4. You will play this progression four times with our effects.
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