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Hey Jude: Introduction


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Hey Jude

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Caren Armstong here at Guitar Tricks teaching you how to play "Hey Jude", as made famous by The Beatles.

It’s a serious workout for the left hand, and an excellent song for students looking to up their bar chord strength, a subject we’ll get further into later.

The song features a simple I IV V structure with one sneaky bVII on the outro. The right hand starts with a picking pattern to mimic the piano then moves to a very rhythmic 1/8th note strummed part throughout the rest of our arrangement.

Even though the song starts with a simple arrangement of I IV V chords, it is made great by an effective vocal and melody line and a lot of dynamic changes and adding of layers as the song progresses.

The vocal starts with graceful, inviting tones and steadily increases in intensity as the song goes ballistic for the 3 minute coda during which there is a lot of dramatic vocalizing!

Another thing to watch out for is the tonic dominant 7th used to transition from the verse to the bridge which starts on IV chord, with the bass walking down to the V chord to underpin the melody. Each bridge ends with a few "Na, na, nas", hinting at the epic 3 minute ending to come.

The bridge descends from the IV chord, through the V chord then back home to I. This progression repeats twice. Starting with the IV chord creates a feeling of "lift", and creates the opportunity for a different melody to take over.

The epic and iconic hallmark ending shifts the progression to I bVII IV I, adding yet another harmonic dimension to this deceptively simple song.

Let get started!