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Today I'm delighted to be teaching you the Motown Classic: "The Way You Do The Things You Do" written by Smokey Robinson and performed by the Temptations. The unforgettable vocal hook to this hit song is supported throughout by a simple, yet irresistible groove! We'll be kicking a smooth groove, and at the same time learning the stops that punctuate each section of the song.

Although the song was originally recorded in the key of Eb, we've bumped it up to E Major, making it fun and easy to play. We'll be using a couple of "simple" chords up the neck for the distinctive introduction to the song.

Using a basic, I IV V chord progression, we start in the key of E Major and then about 2/3 of the way through the arrangement we Modulate, or change keys, moving up a 1/2 step to the key of F Major for the rest of the song. This device is sometimes called the "Producer's Modulation", used to avoid harmonic monotony in a simple song. The horn solo kicks in with the modulation, and this brilliant combo gives the experience of "lift" and adds pacing and drama to the arrangement (songwriters, take note of this device!)

Here is the song form:

INTRO 4 bars
VERSE 16 bars
CHORUS 8 bars
1/2 VERSE 8 bars

This song offers some cool challenges! We'll learn and understand a couple of "simple chords" We'll get our Motown groove on with a shuffled right hand strum! We'll learn our I, IV, and V chords in both the key of E Major and F Major! We're playing in 4/4 time and at a tempo of 125 BPM.