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Next up is our bridge section, which keeps the dynamic nice and sentimental. We have some cool changes, and some really easy strumming during this part before leading into our final verse.

The bridge chorus progression is twelve bars long, using the following chords;

|| Bmin - A/C# - G A - D - Bmin - A/C# - G - G - Emi7 - Emi7 - A7 - A7 ||

B minor and A/C# will be played for one bar each strummed once, with G and A being strummed once and ringing for two beats each. This is followed by our D chord being strummed once as well for the whole bar.

We then do the same thing the second time Bmi and A/C#. When G comes around for two bars, we switch to an arpeggiated part that takes us into our final four bars in the bridge.

Then for our last four bars before entering the final verse, we will arpeggiate our Emi7 chord before switching to a hammer on lick leading into our A7. Our A7 then plays another arpeggio sneaking in a sus4 note before leading into our final verse.
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