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Bonus: Strumming Lesson


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For our single guitar performance of this song, I wanted to briefly demonstrate how you can play this song by just strumming along. The arpeggiated parts are all worth knowing, but can be a little challenging I know. If you simply want to strum along, let me break down for you briefly how to do that.

1. For the intro, we are simply going to strum the G and D chords with an eighth note pattern that sits nicely in the groove of the song.

2. For the verses, we will strum the basic chords the same way with the same strumming pattern. You can replace A7 with an open A chord using our G shape.

3. For the pre-chorus, we will skip the arpeggios and strum each chord with the same pattern making it nice and simple. Remember to play according to the dynamics.

4. For the chorus, we will strum as we did before only when we get to the low dynamic sections we will simply just strum the chords nice and soft.

5. For the instrumental section, we will strum just like we did in the before only instead of the arpeggios on D and G we will simply strum during this part as well.

6. For the bridge, we were already strumming most of the time but when the melodies come around again you are just going to strum along.

7. Lastly for our outro, we will just strum the last G chord into our final hit.

Now that we've broken how to do a strum along style version, let's play along. Have fun and thanks for watching.

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