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In this lesson we'll come up with a practice tune that incorporates all of these new fills and bass lines.

For this practice tune we'll start out going straight to our little turnaround with the one beat of strumming, the lick at the walk-up back to G. You can use the simplest version of the lick, the more elaborate version or the bluesier version.

Then we're into our main section, where we'll stay on G for 2 bars, and then we'll do the chromatic walk down to get to our IV-chord which is C.

Then we'll go to D, and for that we'll use the chromatic walk-up to the 5 again, but for D that'll be from he 3rd fret of the low E string, to the 4th fret and then the open A string.

Then we'll play 2 bars of D, but with the flipped around 1/5, so we'll play the open A string on beats 1 and 3 and the open D string (which is the root note) on beats 2 and 4. Make sure not to lose your place when you do this. Count out loud if you have to!

Finally we're back to G, and after playing a full bar of the regular pattern we'll go to the lick (either version your comfortable with) and the walk up.

Then we'll repeat that whole section, but the 2nd time you get to the end of it, we'll do the lick (either version you're comfortable with), and then on beat 4 we hit the open G chord and let it ring to end the practice tune.
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